Welcome to use i-Ride TAIPEI online reservation system.
Thank you for using i-Ride TAIPEI online reservation system. In order to protect the rights of visitors as well as i-Ride TAIPEI, please read the following information related to reservations carefully prior to using the System.

  1. For those who have made reservations, please purchase your tickets and check-in at the counter 30 minutes before the session starts. If not completed, the reservation will be automatically canceled. Seats for incomplete ticket check-ins will be released to on-site waiting individuals. (For example, if you reserved a session from 13:00 to 13:15, please check in at the counter by 12:30.)
  2. Starting from December 26, 2023, reservations for sessions on the 14th day and beyond will be open daily. (For example, on December 26, 2023, reservations for sessions on January 9, 2024, will be open, and on December 27, 2023, reservations for sessions on January 10, 2024, will be open, and so on.)
  3. After confirmation, reservations cannot be modified. It is recommended to cancel and rebook if necessary.
  4. For inquiries and cancellations, please use the "Reservation Inquiry" function to confirm your order.
  5. Services provided by the reservation system include online reservations, reservation inquiries, reservation cancellations, and i-Ride introduction.
  6. Unreleased movie schedules will be announced on the official Facebook page when reservation times become available.
  7. To maintain the rights and quality within the exhibition area for other passengers, i-Ride Taipei also reserves the right to seek compensation for any damages or losses incurred, cancel or disqualify reservations for the following reasons:
    • Failure to visit after completing a reservation on the reservation system three or more times.
    • Mass reservations followed by last-minute cancellations on the reservation system, affecting the reservation rights of other people.
    • Violation of exhibition guidelines during the visit and failure to comply with advice or warnings.
  1. For reservations exceeding 20 people, please call the group reservation hotline. When making a reservation, please select the date, time, number of people, and category. Fill in the relevant basic information.
  2. The system does not allow the same reservation within one day. Please confirm the selected session time. If repeated reservations are found, for example, if the same name, phone number, and email are used for more than 3 reservations within a short period, the company reserves the right to request cancellation.
  3. After completing the reservation, the system will automatically generate a reservation order page and send a confirmation email to the provided email address, including the reservation code and other information. Please keep the reservation code and related visit time information for check-in, reservation inquiries, and reservation cancellations. * If you provide an incorrectly filled email address, resulting in the inability to send the confirmation email smoothly, we will not notify you individually.
  4. The system provides reservation inquiry and cancellation functions. Once confirmed, reservations cannot be modified; only reservation cancellations and rebooking are allowed.
  5. From 5:00 pm on the day before the visit, the system does not provide the function to reserve for the next day, and modification or deletion of reservation orders.
  6. To maintain the quality and rights of every passenger, the company reserves the right to refuse entry to viewers exceeding the reserved number.
  7. Please read the company's precautions before visiting and inform all participating members.
  8. To maintain the quality of the ride, please adhere to the company's various visit regulations. Failure to comply may result in the company reserving the right to refuse entry.
  9. i-Ride TAIPEI reserves the right to modify the reservation instructions. The revised terms will be published on the website, with no separate notification. If you continue to make reservations on this website, it means you understand and agree to comply with the modified terms.